Top Best UFC Fight Of All Time

Top 3 Best UFC Fights of All Time 

So we should keep perusing these ten biggest battles here on the off chance that you haven't seen them and in the event that you have, at that point you can feel them again through my rundown of best battles in UFC history. 

1). Tim Sylvia versus Randy Couture 

According to the records, Couture expressed his retirement in February 2006 when he lost the match with Liddell occurred at UFC 52. Be that as it may, in 2007, he came back to battle against Tim Sylvia who is 13 years more youthful than Randy. 

In the ring, Sylvia took full favorable position of tallness which was more than Randy by six-inches and his weight was 40.5 pounds more than Randy around then. So you can see how Randy confronted drawbacks of being sorter, request and lighter than Tim. 

However, who realized that every one of these preferences and burdens were just the paper things on the grounds that, in the initial ten seconds, Couture assaulted Sylvia and crushed him. 

He thumped him down hard with his correct hand and sat tight for his activity back and in this one incredible move, that round wrapped up. 

In the second round, Sylvia was not able for any activity against his adversary and Couture took the whole control in this round too. 

In the last round, Couture utilized every one of his detriments and vanquished Kim on his feet, so Sylvia's all favorable circumstances were of no utilization and same occurred in the fourth and fifth rounds and finally, Couture got that huge title of the triumph. 

2). Diego Sanchez versus Mud Guida 

These both extraordinary warriors are known for the most serious battles at whatever point they confronted each other in that Octagon with the MMA abilities. In this paramount battle, they both hopped the focal point of the Octagon and began punching each other without squandering whenever 

They both began dumping their energy at each other even before the observer's activity shriek and he was trying to say 'Gracious my God' in the whole diversion. 

They both were brimming with hostility for each other and it was very much seen by every one of the chaperons there in simply the main moment of the colossal UFC. 

Exactly when they got an opportunity to stand, Sanchez didn't demonstrate any tolerance and he utilized a head kick and it made Guida grounded. Be that as it may, Guida didn't lose anything and he remained back against Sanchez, however again he just got some extremely hard punches and moves by Sanchez. 

This battle went the same for the second round and the third and last round; these two contenders were down-pouring the animosity on each other. Finally, the terrible goals finished and Sanchez turned into the champ of that "Battle of the Night." 

3). Matt Hughes versus Straight to the point Trigg II 

It was the most energizing battle among these best UFC battles ever amongst Matt and Frank. This battle took these both against each other on the met for the second time after their first battle. 

In the first round of this battle, Frank took the hostility and he pushed Matt everywhere all over and head. He made Matt dropped on the tangle and as yet purging his hostility on everywhere on Matt's body. 

In the whole round, Matt was safeguarding himself from the hard shots of Frank. As this was the second battle, both were loaded with animosity and at the outset Trigg appeared to take the summon over Matt. 

Be that as it may, at that point Hughes thought of all his energy and isolated himself from the stifling of Trigg and afterward he tied up Trigg with all his energy emptying all the hostility all over. 

Matt didn't permit slipping his gagging and he proceeded with the punches and a couple of kicks which make these both spreading over the tangle. Finally, Matt utilized his elbows and grounded Trigg in the back stripped gag which made Trigg to stop the battle. 

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