The Walking Dead Season 8: How the War with Negan Will End

It's been an unpleasant season for Rick and his coalition. The arrangement to remove the Saviors has gone terrifically astray and lives have been lost simultaneously (R.I.P. Eric, Shiva, and Carl Grimes). The Saviors have taken the fight to Rick's front entryway and practically crushed Alexandria. 

In the event that this period of The Walking Dead were Star Wars, "How It's Gotta Be" is without a doubt The Empire Strikes Back. 

Dim circumstances are absolutely ahead for Rick and friendsnand with them will come more passing. Be that as it may, if The Walking Dead funnies are any sign, an unequivocal triumph for Alexandria/Hilltop/Kingdom is appropriate around the bend. Furthermore, soon after that, something that the survivors of this story have not experienced in quite a while: peace.

It ends with Rick

When a show loses its star, it rarely lasts more than a couple of seasons before totally collapsing. Scrubs, The X-Files, 8 Simple Rules… all shows that ran off the rails once their leading actor was gone. Rick is really the compass of the group, even when he's spinning wildly off course. While characters like Daryl and Carol are certainly interesting to watch evolve, The Walking Dead is Rick's story from beginning to end, and without him, we just don't have a focal point.

Whether Rick just can't survive the thousandth onslaught, he manages to pass from old age, or Andrew Lincoln just decides that it's time to pursue a different dramatic turn, Rick's story is the only story. Like a canary in a coalmine, once Rick is gone, start preparing for the bitter end. Then again, Carl's story is also a part of Rick's story. We'd only like to see Rick dying in a final episode sort of deal, where he passes the torch of leadership to the boy who was by his side throughout the entire zombie apocalypse, his son.

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